Monday, November 10, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014


The house is quiet and dark.
I carry the big boy up the stairs,
Into the bathroom,
To facilitate the brushing of teeth,
The putting on of pajamas.

He has stayed out late tonight-
Not late, late,
Just "for a school night" late-
Auditioning for a play and
Eating post-audition gelato,
Enjoying rare one-on-one time,
With his mother.

With his bathroom business done,
He carefully opens the door to his room and
Gingerly creeps up the ladder to the top bunk,
Silently settling into bed,
Careful not to wake his sleeping brother below.

I stand on tiptoe.
I ruffle his hair.
I tell him, "good night."
I tell him, "I love you."
I give him a hug and a kiss.

As I put my hand on the door knob,
To let myself out of the room,
He stops me.

"Hey, Dad?"

He often has one last question before bedtime.
A final stall.
Can I have drink of water?
Do we have school tomorrow?
What's for breakfast?
Not tonight.

"Are the Illuminati real?"

Goodnight, son.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It sits there on the shelf,
An ominous talisman.

It's sudden appearance
A dire portent.

Warning all
Who gaze upon it -
A storm is coming.
Dark times are ahead.

Cures to you!
You foul, foul Thing!

You third stick of deodorant.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

F-Stop That This Minute

I enjoyed seeing the pictures
Of my friend's kids'
On Facebook.

The shiny new shoes.
The optimistic smiles.
The homemade signs
Handwritten or printed in comic sans
Complete with the year
                            the grade
                                    the teacher.

First Day of Pre-K!!!
Second and Sixth!
I Can't Believe He's Starting High School!

My kid's pictures were
Conspicuous in their absence from my
Social Media Accounts this year.

The pictures all came out blurry.
Our camera does not have a
Temper tantrum setting.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who Took a Dump in My Happy Place?


It's a soothing sound
Like ocean waves,
Or late summer crickets,
A babbling brook.
White noise
Silencing the rest of the house's occupants.

The vacuum glides over the carpet
Creating pleasing patterns -
Indoor crop circles,
Erasing the activity of the day.
The tread marks of little sneakers,
The grass clippings,
The tire wear from matchbox cars-
Wiped clean.


Take me to the happy place.
The clean and happy place.



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Will Break You

It's been some time
Since you acted out
In piano
Or got reprimanded
In swim.

Did we break your spirit
Like a wild mustang?
Did the pile of parenting books
Checked out from the library
Actually help?

Did you just get older and 
Figure out on your own that 
The fits weren't getting you anywhere?

Should I just have chilled out
And let time 
And development
Work their magic?

Could I have saved up some energy 
From my own counter-tantrum tantrums?

By the time you are too old
For all of it to matter,
I may have this parenting thing


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wave Pool

The wave pool
Is a watery mosh pit.
My twins are the slam dancers
Feeling the music-
Joyfully careening into strangers.

They are two independently floating
Pieces of flotsam.

They bob up and down
In their red life jackets,
As the waves crash at them
From either side,
Dousing them happily.

I am the yellow shirted bouncer
Facing away from the stage
With ear plugs in,
Annoyed with the jostling
And splashing.

"Too deep"
"Come back"

I am still clinging to the idea of safety.
I am trying not to be a stick in this mud.

I should jump in with them
And float
And bob
And dance.